IMG_20130608_230032 What do you know about Negev produce? Do you know what grows in the Negev? Did you know that unique goat and sheep milk cheese is made in the Negev? That the Negev produces olive oil, honey, whole wheat flour, herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables and even vineyards and boutique wineries…

Have you ever tasted Negev produce?

The Flavor of Creation is the flavor of the Negev.

Hello. My name is Helli, I live in Kibbutz Telalim in the Negev, a single mother of twin girls, Hodaya and Halleli, a holistic therapist and owner of Ta'am HaBriah (The Flavor of Creation), a local home-made catering business.

I decided to open my catering business a year ago. My emotional connection with food and the place where I live, my love of the desert, my awareness of health and wellbeing and my passion for putting Negev produce on my customers' tables, plates and glasses were, and still are, the heart of my business.

Taam HaBriah (Flavor of Creation) was born from faith and concept of taking part in leading a change, influencing health and supporting local economy in general and feminine enterprise in particular.

Local produce contains the most unique flavors that tell the story of the location and the people in the community.

Taam HaBriah offers various services:

1.         Healthy cooking clinics

2.         Meals for private events

3.         Meals for conventions, seminars and team building events outside or in air-conditioned locations

4.         Home-made food for the weekend

5.         Meals for B&B's

6.         Healthy sandwiches to go

7.         Finger food buffets

8.         Holistic therapy at your B&B

Come taste the flavor of the Negev

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